O Sensie Morhei Ueshiba
O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba
(Founder of AIKIDO)
AIKIDO as a complete system is a young asiatic art of Budo. Their roots can be followed back to the breathing, moving and concentration exercises of buddhistic moncs.

The Japanese Morihei UESHIBA formed form different sword stick and armeless fight techniologies, which he had studied first, the AIKIDO how it is known and done today.

Unlike other fight sports in AIKIDO one never works against the strength of the attacker . The aggression of the attacker is in the good contact to the attacker using round or spiral-like movements turned away, resolved or aimed at himself.

In AIKIDO great importance has the fusion of attacker and defender to a harmonic whole from where neither winner nor loser but two partners learning from each other shall result.

  • AI    
means Harmony (with himself with his environment and last with the strengths of the universe.)
  • KI
is the intellectual strength which slumbers in everybody and which is woken by AIKIDO.
  • DO
is the philosophical principle of the way on which the practicing himself is going.

AIKIDO can (as little value is only put on bare physical strength) be practiced up to the high age due to its constellation. The founder practiced AIKIDO up to his death with 86 years.

AIKIDO is a chance to see things from a different point of view. For those, who see and dont merely be seen.

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